We do too. And we also know that few homeowners realize how vital it is to clean their chimneys.
Every chimney requires regular maintenance.
​A bird's nest that blocks a gas-fired furnace flue can be every bit as deadly as the creosote deposits produced by a wood-burning stove or fireplace.

  • Don't use a burnt out grate. This will damage the firebox floor.
  • Don't overbuild the fire
  • Don't let the wood lay or fall against the back brick wall as to avoid     damage to your brick.
  • Don't use green sappy newly cut wood that will cause a creosote build-up.

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Tip #1  Use Well Seasoned Wood To Avoid Creosote Build-up!

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Some homes Central Heating System will draw smoke from the fireplace and will require you use one source of heat or the other.  This happens when the "fresh air" return air vent is within sight of the fireplace or just around the corner.  This can cause your fireplace to smoke back. Watch to make sure this is not happening in your home.  Sometimes it will only happen when the fire is burning down.  If you have never had this problem and your fireplace starts smoking back, it is the first sign of a dirty chimney. Call Us!

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  • Open the damper (and keep it closed when not in use)
  • Not to overbuild the fire
  • Use aged wood to avoid excessive creosote buildup
  • Limit the use of paper as firestarter
  • Remove enough ash to get a draft under the grate
  • Clean your chimney every cord of wood or 50 fires

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