Plan ahead to have your chimney cleaned and inspected by a qualified chimney sweep on a schedule. Mold and hazardous residues are inside and can escape into your home. Protect your health as well as reduce possibilities of chimney fires.  Even if you are not using your fireplace, the chimney crown and flashing need to be inspected for leaks at least every three years.

Firemizer is a special mesh of stainless steel alloy fibers designed to optimize the performance of fireplaces. Several independent university tests have demonstrated that Firemizer reduces fuel usage up to 33% and minimizes creosote in the chimney by up to 57%. This patented product is not catalytic and does not contain chemicals, but it slows the air flow to reduce the burn rate, and it conducts heat evenly across the fire to ensure all fuel is burnt and that small pieces of fuel do not fall through the grate. Firemizer is simply placed on the grate, under a wood or coal fuel. It is easily dusted off and it works for about 500 hours.

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Our purpose is to help our customers with necessary repairs and products that offer better heat reflection and reduce heat loss. We want to see a chimney properly water-sealed and protected from deterioration. Install a Windbeater Cap for problems with strong wind interfering with the draw of the flue or maybe a Damper Cap because the damper isn't closing. 

New Firemizer   Get More Out of Your Wood!!!

If you want your Chimneys and Dryer Vents to operate safely, trust DS Professional Services to revitalize them and deliver all you need plus some! We employ state-of-the-art and dust-free HEPA cleaning methods to ensure that not a trace of dust is left behind.  We can replace screens, grates and refractory panels. We also reroute Dryer Vents.

A Chimney can look fine on the outside yet have several problems on the inside. In fact, using your Chimney without a proper inspection can lead to a hazardous fire or erosion and leaks.  Keep your family safe and get your Chimney cleaned and inspected after every 50 fires or cord of wood burned.        

Dryer Vents Must be cleaned Every Year!

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 We can set you up with a Heat Reflector, Replacement Screens, Damper Caps and more!



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