Small,                                    20" front X 16" back X 16" deep

 $ 124.95


 Large,                                    24" front X 20" back X 16" deep



 Extra Grate Section,           8" wide X 16" deep

 $ 44.95


Optional sections can be added to the Sampson Grate as needed. Each section is self supporting and will increase the width of the grate by 8".

Cast-Iron Safety Grate


If a grate can be high tech, this is it.  This cast-iron, one-piece design grate is called the lazy man's grate.  That's because its self feeding, deeply contoured design continually lowers the burning logs to the grate bottom ember bed.  The contoured basket also assures that logs will not tumble out onto the hearth as they shift and burn.  This eliminates a possible fire hazard, thus the name Safety Grate. 
This grate measures 23 3/4" front X 18" back X 15" deep.  
Item # 26432 @ $125.95 

Item # 61098 @ $26.95

Every joint on these welded steel grates is spot welded by American craftsman. Cheaper grates are fused together and will not last as long as spot welded grates. 

Our "most economical" model (pictured on right in photo above) has heavy 5/8" thick bars. It is available in two sizes. 

Our "best" model (pictured on left in same photo) has Premium, super heavy-duty 3/4" thick bars. It is available in three sizes.


Gas Starter Pipes







TStyle with mixing chamber for Nat Gas Two pipes each 8in

 $ 40.95


90deg Elbow w Mixing Chamber Nat Gas 17in

 $ 36.95


Straight Pipe with mixing chamber for natural gas, Pipe length 17in

 $ 36.95


Straight Pipe with Mixing chamber for LP, pipe length 17in

 $ 36.95

Fluid / Stone Lighters






 18" one-piece, 17" front X 13" back X 12" deep

 $ 55.00


 23" one-piece, 23" front X 18" back X 12" deep

 $ 70.00


 27" one-piece, 27" front X 22" back X 12" deep

 $ 80.00

Item 2473667    $32.95






HomeSaver Gelled Fire Starter, case/8oz bottles



HomeSaver Gelled Fire Starter, case/16oz bottles



HomeSaver Gelled Fire Starter, case/32oz bottles

$ 106.00

Gelled Firestarter

Firemizer is a special mesh of stainless steel alloy fibers designed to optimize the performance of fireplaces. Several independent university tests have demonstrated that Firemizer reduces fuel usage up to 33% and minimizes creosote in the chimney by up to 57%. This patented product is not catalytic and does not contain chemicals, but it slows the air flow to reduce the burn rate, and it conducts heat evenly across the fire to ensure all fuel is burnt and that small pieces of fuel do not fall through the grate. Firemizer is simply placed on the grate, under a wood or coal fuel. It is easily dusted off and it works for about 500 hours.






 5/8" Bar Stock, 5 bars, 18"front X16"back X12"deep X 6 1/4" high Welded Steel Grate

$ 55.00


  5/8" Bar Stock, 6 bars, 24"front X20"back X12"deep X 6 1/4" high Welded Steel Grate

$ 65.00


  3/4" Bar Stock, 5 bars, 24" front X20"back X15"deep X 7 1/2" high Welded Steel Grate

$ 75.00


  3/4" Bar Stock, 6 bars, 27"front X23"back X15"deep X 7 1/2" high Welded Steel Grate

$ 85.00


  3/4" Bar Stock, 7 bars, 30"front X26"back X15"deep X 7 1/2" high Welded Steel Grate

$ 95.00

Stove Bright’s alcohol-based gel goes where you want it and provides the hot flame needed to get even pellet stoves started with ease. When used with woodstoves, it won’t clog catalytic converters. And naturally, it can also be used on coal stoves. Odorless and will not alter food taste.
Available in an 8 oz., 16 oz. and 32 oz bottles, sold in cases of 12.

Welded Steel Bar Grates

Firemizer Heat Grid

Cast-iron Firestarter Tray with Soapstone. 11"
These firestarters use a soapstone to absorb a non-volatile, flammable fuild - like kerosene.

Fill the cast-iron Firestarter tray with fluid. Once the soapstone is saturated, your're ready to place it under your wood and light it.
NOTE: For fireplaces Only.

Gas Starter Pipes

Gas Starter Pipes provide an easy way to light a wood fire in a fireplace. These pipes have 1/2" pipe threads, and install easily. Each length has several 1/8" orifices which emit gas and spread the flame evenly under the logs. There are three units with mixing chambers for use with natural gas. There is also an LP pipe with a mixing chamber.

Item "E" is no longer available

Cast-Iron Alternative Grates

HomeSaver Gelled Fire Starter; 
Gelled fire starters were first used for pellet appliances. But they caught on so well they are now being used to start fires in woodstoves, fireplaces, coal stoves, even campfires.

HomeSaver Gelled Fire Starter stays where you put it and doesn’t flare up. It’s odorless, smokeless, environmentally safe, and burns longer than most other gelled fire starters on the market.

This grate is an economical alternative to the others.

Sampson Cast-Iron Grates

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