Keep your home safe with inspections and sweeping

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Over 30 years of Trusted - Reliable - Excellent Service 

Annual sweeping and inspections of your chimney will keep your home safe from fire and harmful fumes. Guard your home against fire and poor air quality with our expert service.
Every chimney sweep service comes with a FREE Printed Inspection and an evaluation of your chimney's performance.

  • Prevent fire and unsafe emissions
  • Remove buildup and animal or insect nests
  • Yearly maintenance contracts

Since 1981        Reliable Service is Hard to Find - Call US!

We use warranted Chimney products for our repairs to ensure a long lasting job to the satisfaction of our customers. Trust us to repair most problems your chimney has.

  • Damper repair or replacement with Stainless Lifetime Damper Cap
  • Masonry chimney crown repair with CrownCoat (15-year warranty) 
    ​or CrownSeal (10-year warranty)
  • Custom Chase Covers installation
  • Refractory Panel replacement in Prefab fireboxes
  • Stovepipe replacement for your woodstove
  • Fireplace repairs & sales
  • Ash Dump Door & Cleanout Door installation
  • Pressure Washing and Sealing with ChimneySaver (10-year warranty)
  • Flashing Leaks repaired with FlashSeal (7-year warranty)

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Protect your home with a Beautiful Chimney Cap

Repair your Valuable Chimney

Create a well-drafted chimney and improve the look of your home with a professionally-installed copper or stainless chimney cap. All caps have a lifetime warranty!
• Prevent sparks from igniting creosote in your chimney
• Improve the effect of your fireplace with a well-drafted chimney
• Protect your home from animals that will enter your chimney and build nests
• Prevent leaves and wind blowing down your chimney
• Windy area? We will install a special WindBeater cap.
• No Damper? We can install a Damper Cap!